I’m glad you’ve made the decision to review the Leadership Mastery I to see how it can work for you.

This is the first module in an advanced leadership series designed for leadership and management who are looking to improve their skills and accelerate their achievements. Whether you're in a business, nonprofit, or government organization (including military and education), you’re often seeking new approaches to apply to all aspects of your position...anything from managing in a virtual work, finding new techniques to leverage your time, to exploring new tools to help you make better decisions. All in all, most organizations need leaders and managers who can create and sustain momentum, and it all starts with a continual supply of fresh thinking that you bring to the table.

We’ll start with an intuitive and new framework for developing leadership called Enterprise Thinking (ET). ET has produced higher-level skills to individuals in one half the time of traditional leadership techniques, because it doesn ’t focus on areas of improvement that are non-transferable. For instance, you can’t give someone charisma, determination, or focus, but you can give them the tools to be better focused, which in turn breeds achievement, buy in, and so on.

Throughout the program's duration, we’ll explore key leadership topics, like strategizing and the techniques that top performers utilize every day to develop superior strategies and see them through to success, or innovation and the foundational tools you need to breed a culture of innovation that turbo boosts all aspects of your organization. Another participant favorite is the topic of forecasting, where you will glean the immediate benefits of decades of research so that you make smarter decisions with lasting impact for years to come. By the end of these ten weeks, you will have built a toolkit of leadership tools, techniques, methodologies, models and more that you will be able to draw on forever--to pull from instantly to enjoy immediate results.

The material has been proven to work in small business’s and large global organizations, in profit, not for profit, military, government and education, in any sector, industry, across any decision making job title and across all levels of management from front line to the CEO. Enterprise Thinking is versatile enough to take with you no matter where you work presently or where you'll work ten years from now.

In fact I’m so confident that you’ll get the value out of this program that I’m willing to offer you a money back guarantee on the program. If, after completing the Leadership Academy, you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your tuition.


NOTE: This material has been presented to individuals from over 41 different countries with the most diverse group representing 17 counties.

"They are more than happy to adopt your phase-gate model/funnel system. I am super excited as I have been promoted to lead innovation as the Group Product Manager for a US$ 20 Million business in one of the top local food companies in the Philippines. Many, many thanks for the learnings!"

Faye Matriano
General Mills - International Division
Group Product Manager - Haagen-Dazs, Old El Paso, Progresso

Highlights of the Leadership Mastery Program I

Weekly dashboard with all the information for each week in one location.

Introduction video designed to offer quick insight into the week.

Supporting videos, audios, worksheets,and readings.

Activities designed to help you get the most value out of the experience.

Established forum for you to ask questions and get answers.

Weekly telecast to review program questions and expand content (saved as mp3).

Concepts always designed around a global audience.

Inclusion in David's social networking web site.

Proven strategies for profit, not-for-profit, government, military and education.

One additional month of coaching from David after the Academy program.

Money back guarantee (provided you do the work) if not completely satisfied.

...and so much more.

"If you recall, my first ET complaint was about lack of skilled help in my business. Turning it into a plan, our company just received a $240,000 training grant from NYS. Looks like we are going to hit our objectives. You managed to teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks very much."

Paul Storch
Summit Appliance Division Felix Storch, Inc.

“To create this type of impact in such a short period of time is beyond belief. ”

Cathy Bradshaw
Colonial Life
Director, Human Resources Employee and Leadership Development

How the Leadership Academy Works
The 10-week Leadership Mastery I course is designed to accommodate your busy schedule and to address the many different learning styles of its participants.
You'll have access to instruction that is supplied via a web site and web content, allowing you to learn independently and on your own time.
You'll listen in on a weekly telecast-style phone lesson, where I will provide you with additional content and answer any questions that participants have asked via email, the forum, or any other mode of communication. (recorded as mp3 for download if not available)
You'll receive worksheets and models that you can save by placing them in a book or on your wall for further exploration.
You’ll receive homework assignments along the way that will help you integrate your new knowledge into your everyday life, ensuring that you are continually building on your current leadership skills, not just hearing a lot of fluffy, motivational, feel-good ideas that may never improve your condition.
Lastly, you’ll have access to me and others in the group via a forum. Here you can post and share any lessons you have learned, questions you want help on, new ways of using the material, and more.

"David challenges [those in our industry] to think about things differently, and to put their best efforts into the areas that make the biggest differences in their business.”

Creed Crowder
Tennessee Valley Public Authority 

Leadership Master I Course Schedule
Week One Establishing a Strong Foundation
* Determine what you want from the course
* Discover the new leadership model to accelerate achievement
* Rethink self-limiting assumptions that are considered "truths"
Week Two Acquiring Advanced Strategic Planning Skills
* Learn the proven strategizing model guaranteed to turn thoughts to reality
* Adopt a technique that keeps you focused on your highest strategic priorities
* Outline the steps to create a new master plan
Week Three Building Organizational Success "Block by Block"
* Gain a tool for assessing and selecting projects with the greatest impact
* Prioritize what's important so that you can do more less.
* Restructure your future using tools that propel your organization forward fast
Week Four Discovering What it takes to Redefine Any SItuation
* Engage a proven tool for solving any challenge you may encounter
* Learn how to ferret out real challenges from assumptions and symptoms
* Create opportunities where none existed before
Week Five Mastering The Secret to Innovation
* Focus your energies on systems that create winning solutions
* Integrate new tools that accelerate ideation and innovation
* Understand the forces behind innovation and incorporate them instantly
Week Six Leveraging Leadership
* Obtain new strategies and tactics for gaining buy in and cooperation
* Uncover the ways leaders unknowingly sabotage their initiatives
* Learn how to increase productivity without overwhelming your people
Week Seven Expanding Leadership
* Run a personal assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses
* Discover the new tools to accelerate your growth as a leader
* Fine tune weaker skills and acquire new stronger ones
Week Eight Empowering Others
* Learn the secrets to empowering others that great leaders know
* Establish a new coaching environment that promotes collaboration
* Understand what it takes to build a competent and results-driven team
Week Nine Forecasting Techniques Used by Top Strategists
* Redirect your focus to the optimum condition and horizon
* Execute new approaches to the quality of forecasting
* Acquire new skills to anticipate the future and get the jump on competition
Week Ten Creating Your Personalized Master Plan for Moving Forward
* Put the pieces together into next steps.
* Sustain and maintain momentum.
* Prioritizing goals and objectives and following a daily plan.

"In two hours I received more education from David Goldsmith on running my business than in 10 years at HDU (Harley Davidson University) "

Ross Vanderberg

Mobile Bay Harley-Davidson, Inc.
General Manager

About David Goldsmith
David Goldsmith

Leadership and management expert David Goldsmith is a consultant, advisor, New York University professor, speaker, telecast host, and author of more than 500 published articles on topics such as strategy, technology, new product development, marketing, customer service, innovation, and forecasting to name a few.

Named by Successful Meetings Magazine as one of the speaking industry’s Top 26 Hottest Speakers, David is known for delivering industry-customized and content-rich presentations using a proprietary approach he calls

Consulting from the Stage™. Each presentation is built by combining pre-program research with David’s experience so that audiences receive practical and transferable solutions from every presentation.

David was awarded NYU’s Outstanding Professor of the Year award for the development and teaching of two core courses: Mastering Innovation through New Product and Service Development and a management strategy course called Enterprise Thinking®.

David holds an MBA from Syracuse University. His business history includes co-founding and operating nine companies in a wide range of industries. In 1999 he sold his 14-year-old textile-decorating facility to a national promotional products corporation with over 400 franchise locations. David has received a number of prestigious awards for his professional and community achievements such as The Citizens Foundation of Central New York’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Central New York 40 under 40 Leadership Award. David’s accomplishments have appeared in media around the world, including Bloomberg Media, The New York Times, the Japanese version of Entrepreneur Magazine, and the Financial Times.

His expertise has been sought by clients such as Wipro, Colonial Life, Harley Davidson, Johnson and Johnson, the Wharton School of Business, Lufthansa, Infosys Technologies, and the US government.

David’s professional and civic contributions have earned him a place on the board of directors of a number of organizations. He is a co-founder of the New York Chapter of NSA that under his term grew from 5 members to over 1000 to become the largest chapter in the world,, has served on the national board of directors of the Institute of Management Consultants, and is currently the the Advisor to the Chairman of the organization. The first person to ever be awarded this position.


Tuition for Classes Starting May 1, 2011
Pilot Program Tuition
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Pilot Program Client Discount Price*
(Offer applies to past and current consulting and coaching clients, and NYU participants.)

Corporate Reimbursement

Your company may reimburse you for your enrollment in the Leadership Mastery I Program: Ask your company their policy on professional development courses as continuing education. Your company may pay for the entire program in full or pay a partial payment. Print out the invoice after you’ve completed the enrollment process.

Educational Courses are Tax-Deductable

Your completion of the Leadership Mastery Program I course is tax deductible as a professional expense.

Tuition Refund Guarantee

We believe so strongly that our program will help you achieve significant results from the material that we offer a guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the value you received, we will refund your tuition in full. Note: To qualify for the refund, all exercises and lessons must be completed within a 5-15 week period at a pace of no faster than 2 lessons per week. With all reports submitted upon each lessons completion.

Questions About the Course or Payment

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